SiRA Residence

SiRA : Staying in Residence in Antwerp.

On a regular basis the LiGA Foundation Initiative offers the opportunity of a Staying in Residence (SiR) for residents of the Low Countries and at international level. These artists and researchers work actively in the seven arts, in a technical, scientific and creative manner related to the crossing of time and space. Candidates with a training funding can also be taken into consideration for being accepted as a 7 arts resident at the Centre.

The Foundation Initative works in mutual cooperation of various partners and gives support to international LiGA Projects and Networks in Africa, Brussels, Antwerp and at Global Level promoting universal thinking in diversity and local action. The Foundation facilitates the accommodation and work and possibly also exhibition of work of the the resident under special defined conditions and criteria. The resident for his or her part may deliver a certain performance, by mutual written agreement. The Foundation Initative also safeguards and suppotts material and immaterial heritage of the Mansion with a history and the archives present in the Cultreel Consulaal (CCA).